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Easy Setup

Account registration in 30 seconds

Here is a comprehensive and practical guide to help you get started with Trading on Skilling.

Register your account

To register your trading account with Skilling please click the signup button.

Fill in your info

Enter the required data and pay attention to select "regulated by FSA" as in the image. This will give you more leverage. Finally click on "create account"

Confirm registration

Click on "complete account registration" to complete your registration.

Continue the process

Continue the registration by entering the required data

Personal details

Insert the required data


You will receive a questionnaire from the platform. Since Skilling is a regulated platform the law requires it. Therefore fill in the questionnaire and proceed to the next step.

Speed-up the process

In order to speed up the account verification process answer the questions las you see in the picture. Don't forget to also answer "education".

Additional info

Other steps of the questionnaire

Verify later

Complete registration. Click on "verify later".

Welcome to Skilling

Click on the "X" to close the pop=up

Open MT4 account

Now let's go to open the MT4 account from where you can manage your trades. Click on the lines at the top left.


Click on accounts

Open account

Click on "open account

Skilling MT4 account

Enter your email (which you used during registration) and a password that contains at least 1 capital letter, 1 lower case, 1 number, 1 punctuation mark and is at least 5 characters long. Remember this password which you will need to log into your trading account

Deposit funds

Now it is time to make a deposit into your MT4 account, click on "deposit".

Payment method

Above you will see your MT4 account number. Choose the payment method you prefer to make the first deposit.

Deposit amount

Choose the amount you wish to deposit. Remember that the minimum deposit is at least of £100. In the picture you can see an example of a £1000 deposit. Keep in mind that the higher the capital the better you can manage your budget.

Payment details

Enter the details to finalise your deposit. Please note that everything is done safely and securely, the funds will be deposited into your trading account, always and under your management where you are free to deposit and withdraw when you prefer.

Verify your account

After completing your deposit there is one step missing before you can be 100% operational. You must verify the identity of your account by providing the platform with 1 ID and 1 proof of address document. As we are dealing with a regulated platform this verification is imposed by the regulatory bodies. Then click on "profile".

Upload documents

Click first on "upload" proof of identification and then after uploading the first document, click on the second "upload".

Proof of identification

Upload your ID card or passport.

Proof of address

Upload your proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement.

Now you are 100% ready to start trading.

You are all set up now!

Contact us to access the Signal Room

Please contact us on Telegram @wavefxsupport to access our group and start trading with our signals and ride the wave to the financial freedom.

Forex Signal

Forex Signal

If a signal is given on a currency pair that is not on the watchlist, it must be added manually. Therefore, click on the search symbol as in the picture.

Select Asset

Select Asset

Let's say it's Eur/Aud. Just type in the search bar and the asset you are looking for will appear. To add it to the main screen, click on the symbol on the right and it will appear among your favourite assets every time you open the app.

Start Trading

Start Trading

That's it, you will see the message below that the asset has been added to the main screen. You only need to perform this procedure once. If you need to search for other currency assets, follow exactly the same procedure.