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Story of a Professional Trader

How Jason Maynard became a successful trader

My name is Jason and I’ve been a professional trader for several years. I started trading as a hobby but also because I was curious about how you could earn money from a smartphone and an internet connection. Over the years I have had the opportunity to study with various finance experts and I have been able to create my trading strategies that could ensure me a stable monthly income over time and as you can see I have succeeded.

Finally I decided to combine my knowledge and experience with that of other professional traders like me to create Wave-fx. Over time, trading can allow you to achieve your financial freedom, but you need to do it right.

According to the London Daily Post “achieving it is a rare feat, but investing in all the right places can help you gain financial independence”.

Wave-FX Trading Style

We use different strategies in our daily trading, applied on different timeframes and with different market conditions and volatility. This approach allows us to achieve qualitative trading activity covering all markets daily phases.
Our trading strategies are the result of years of study and experience in financial markets.
Here is an overview of the Wave-FX approach:
The main activity is intraday trading, making up for around 60% – 70% of the trades. The remaining transactions are carried overnight. However, trades are never open for more than 2-3 days.
All currency assets are studied, from majors to minors in order to find the best waves of opportunity.
Furthermore, the daily trading signals we provide are not many but extremely profitable. We prefer quality over quantity and this has allowed us to continue making profit everyday.
Check out for yourself our official track record below – REAL ACCOUNTS ONLY, NO DEMO.

So don’t waste your time start trading now with Wave-FX Trading Signals: