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Daily Analysis

What is Forex Daily Analysis

In forex daily analysis is the technique that studies historical data and charts of market shares to allow traders to forecast future price trends for a given financial instrument (stocks, futures, options, forex, etc.).

This section is entirely dedicated to all traders who are looking for useful information for the purpose of forex analysis, which is based on the chart study, which can suggest to the trader, both the position to take (long or short), and the ideal time to enter the market and earn.

We would like to remind you that Forex analysis is a forecast and therefore cannot be considered 100% reliable, simply because it is based on past performance, i.e. on the study of past data and may not be suitable for future performance. In this regard we can distinguish 3 fundamental types of trends:

  1. short-term trends;
  2. intermediate trend;
  3. long-term trends.

A successful technique cannot be established a priori, also because there is no identical forex analysis for all traders, but it is different and changes from trader to trader. The first step when you want to invest with forex is to understand the trading style you want to use, whether you decide to use long term investments or not, in order to also understand which types of charts to use.

For example, daily traders or traders who invest in the short term use daily and intra-day charts, unlike traders who decide to invest in the long term.

Having said this, let’s analyze Forex analysis in detail.

Forex technical analysis analyses only the data of the markets on the charts, which determine their volume and consequently the price behaviour. Knowing and following the trend analysis is fundamental if you want to make money with Forex. We know very well that the Forex market is one of the most used markets in the world because you can earn with both upward and downward price. This is because buying one amount of currency corresponds to selling another amount of corresponding currency.

The Forex chart is generated by reading the crossing of 2 currencies (example:euro/dollar) and usually the variables that influence the market trend are:

  • European and/or American macroeconomic data;
  • political decisions;
  • industrial results;
  • stock exchanges, etc…

We believe for so much dutiful and necessary to have a clear picture of all that is the real and actual situation of the States involved in the operations to which the currencies that we exchange belong.

What is Forex Technical Analysis

The technical analysis aims to identify all the critical points that trigger a trend change. The trend is usually indicated through Forex graphical indicators such as support and resistance. In general technical analysis provides:

  • indices (which the trend can modify or continue);
  • critical areas of prices.

Any type of indicator generally indicates:

  • overbought zones;
  • oversold zones;
  • future trends;
  • corrections to be made.

Among the most used indicators in technical analysis we have:

  • The moving average indicator, which represents the leading indicator that tries to anticipate the market by tending to reduce price volatility, purifying them from distortions deriving from the nervousness of the markets. In technical terms these are indicated as “noise” of the chart, making the trend more regular.
  • The bands of Bollinger which measure the volatility of the market; thanks to this indicator we can understand which are the intentions of the investors on the market. A small clarification: if the 2 bands are close to each other they indicate low market volatility; on the contrary, if they are far apart, they indicate a restless market.
  • Stochastic Oscillator.
  • The RSI indicator;
  • The CCI indicator.

The best advice we can give you is to NEVER ANTIQUALISE THE MARKET, but wait for those signals to reinforce our idea of a trend. If this does not happen, wait for the market to change direction.

It takes a lot of effort, study and great discipline! Only in this way can you achieve success and earn money with Forex.

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