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Best Performing Assets 2021

Best Assets in 2021 Best performing Assets since the beginning of 2021 At the halfway mark of the year, it is interesting to see which asset classes in the financial markets have risen most and which have fared worst. Investors were particularly pleased with the main commodities, but the stock markets of the most industrialised

Buffett’s Fortune

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Blockchain & Crypto
Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain & Crypto where are the big investing? EU working on new rules While the ECB is working on the digital euro, the European Commission is developing new European legislation to regulate Blockchain & Crypto, destined to become a reference point for the banks of the future. Which will be increasingly technological. It was with

GameStop Rises

GameStop Prices Rocket Nerds vs. Hedge funds Never before had so many retail investors, “the little fish” in Wall Street parlance, joined forces to create a market wave that in the intentions of the “degenerates” – ‘degenerates’, as the traders on this forum call themselves on social media – against the “big fish” of American