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Buffett’s Fortune

Warren Buffett’s Wealth Here are the stocks that made Buffett’s Fortune Since 1965, Berkshire Hathaway has recorded an average annual return of 20% for its shareholders. This means that investors have seen their shares double in value, on average, every 3.6 years since 1965. Between 1964 and 2020, Berkshire’s shares have outperformed the benchmark S&P

JPMorgan 2021 LTCMA

Learn about Long Term Capital Market Assumption published by J.P.Morgan AM

Millennials and Savings

Millennials and savings Millennials and savings: attentive and target oriented Millennials are a generation that is attentive and focused on its savings target. They are young people born between 1981 and 1996 and aged between 24 and 40, who are characterised by a high propensity to use digital tools. This is what emerges from a