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Ethereum, everything changes

Latest update on Ethereum New – revolutionary – update for Ethereum. With the London hard fork, update EIP-1559 radically changes the mechanism of transition costs. New update for Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. This is a hard fork whose effects could have a huge impact on the entire crypto market. But

Bitcoin Trading Nigeria and El Salvador

Bitcoin: Africa outperforms all continents in trading Bitcoins are a rather strange cryptocurrency that, like all cryptos, is favoured in those countries where not only is having a bank account a privilege or a problem, but it is young people who make money transfers from abroad. This is why Africa is overtaking all other continents.

Bitcoin Consumes

Bitcoin consumes more energy than Malaysia or Egypt With more than 151 Twh of annualised electricity consumption, Bitcoin would, as of 14 May 2021, be the 25th most energy-intensive “country” in the world, ahead of Egypt and Malaysia, and behind Poland. This is according to data updated in real time by the Cambridge Centre for

Free Restaurant Management Software

Content Restaurant Delivery App Builder How To Develop A Restaurant App: A Suggested Roadmap And Key Aspects To Consider Enter The Name Of Your Restaurant App Design A Professional Restaurant App And Website How To Create A Restaurant Delivery App Using Our Builder? Restaurant Finder: Full Android Application And the invention of mobile apps has

Blockchain & Crypto
Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain & Crypto where are the big investing? EU working on new rules While the ECB is working on the digital euro, the European Commission is developing new European legislation to regulate Blockchain & Crypto, destined to become a reference point for the banks of the future. Which will be increasingly technological. It was with

Swing Failure Pattern

Еще одной особенностью приведенного примера является зона флэта после коррекции. Она не противоречит принципу «свободного пространства» после минимума, причина ее образования – обычная низкая ночная ликвидность на паре EURUSD. Дождавшись очередного свинг-хая и позволив хвосту свечи исполнить все отложенные ордера и стопы, чтобы объемы «вышли» в рынок, спекулянты совершат по рынку «зеркальную» сделку. Крупным игрокам

Bitcoin nears $20K

Bitcoin so close to $20K Will it be the new gold?​ After last week’s collapse, Bitcoin is back in the market spotlight as it tries to beat its new records. Yesterday the cryptocurrency, thanks to a leap of more than 8%, exceeded its all-time high of 2017, just over $19,700. A leap that brought the

EU to regulate crypto

The new rules will force operators to obtain authorisations from member state authorities in order to provide their services throughout the EU, and set out a number of "safeguards" such as capital requirements, custody of assets, supervision, a complaints procedure for investors, and establish their rights vis-à-vis issuers.