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New President and Brexit

Brexit: Will Biden change the EU-UK agreement?

Will Joe Biden’s victory in the election challenge for the US presidency have any impact on Brexit? For now it is difficult to give a definite answer. What seems certain, according to many observers, is that the new White House tenant will not support British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as Donal Trump did, in his threats to leave the negotiating table without an agreement.



Of Irish origin, JoeBiden has always said in no uncertain terms that there can be no trade pact with London if Brexit threatens the peace in Northern Ireland reached in 1998.


And in this sense, a Brexit without agreement would represent a fuse, potential to rekindle the violence in the region. That is why, with Biden in the White House, it is possible that the British Conservative leader will try to reach an agreement with the European Union.


Brexit’s differences remain, while time is running out


The latest news seems only partially encouraging. If the will to reach an understanding, albeit minimal, is clear, the differences remain.


“We have taken stock of the negotiations with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, some progress has been made, major differences remain, especially on fair access conditions and fishing. Our teams continue to work hard next week. We remain in close contact over the coming days”: EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter after a phone call with the British Prime Minister over the weekend.


The two sides agreed that their delegations will continue to meet in London from today in order to “redouble their efforts to reach an understanding”.


All this while time is running out. The possible agreement should be reached by mid-November or at the latest by the end of November, because then their respective parliaments should ratify it before 31 December, the date already set before the end of November.

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