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Active EURUSD Trades
Wave-FX Global Research Forex: EUR/USD Outlook on investing.com

EUR/USD Outlook: Final Bounce To Fibonacci Levels Before Resuming Downtrend For EUR/USD, the sellers have been in complete control in the previous days but have found powerful support at the 1.15840 level. The short term could provide an excellent bounce point that sends the price to the 1.16650 Fibonacci levels. After that, the price could then

Ethereum, everything changes

Latest update on Ethereum New – revolutionary – update for Ethereum. With the London hard fork, update EIP-1559 radically changes the mechanism of transition costs. New update for Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. This is a hard fork whose effects could have a huge impact on the entire crypto market. But

China’s Stangflation

Finger pointing at US inflation US threatens to eclipse China’s stagflation moon Pending the CPI data, the New York Fed survey seems to confirm an out-of-control trend.But Beijing’s producer prices (+9.7%) combined with the Covid risk appear to be the real tail risk. But Beijing’s producer prices (+9.7%) combined with the Covid risk appear to

Euro Choppy to End the Week

Eur/Usd plummets after US employment data Strongly weakened chart picture for Eur/Usd. After failing to return above 1.19 or so, the pair reversed course and then accelerated to the downside at the publication of U.S. employment data, which fell to 5.4% from the previous 5.9%, in the direction of the line that has been rising

Bitcoin Trading Nigeria and El Salvador

Bitcoin: Africa outperforms all continents in trading Bitcoins are a rather strange cryptocurrency that, like all cryptos, is favoured in those countries where not only is having a bank account a privilege or a problem, but it is young people who make money transfers from abroad. This is why Africa is overtaking all other continents.

Best Performing Assets 2021

Best Assets in 2021 Best performing Assets since the beginning of 2021 At the halfway mark of the year, it is interesting to see which asset classes in the financial markets have risen most and which have fared worst. Investors were particularly pleased with the main commodities, but the stock markets of the most industrialised

Where to Invest

Don’t waste your money Here are the investments that make a difference Each asset that makes up the index is unique and has characteristics that can maximise our risk/reward ratio, just by buying and selling at the right time. One of the most common mistakes when trying to invest in a stock market index is

Bitcoin Consumes

Bitcoin consumes more energy than Malaysia or Egypt With more than 151 Twh of annualised electricity consumption, Bitcoin would, as of 14 May 2021, be the 25th most energy-intensive “country” in the world, ahead of Egypt and Malaysia, and behind Poland. This is according to data updated in real time by the Cambridge Centre for

Buffett’s Fortune

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