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Profitable Trading Signals

As soon as a profitable investment opportunity is found, Wave-FX Support instantly sends a push Telegram or WhatsApp notification, suggesting you invest in that direction, depending on whether you are interested in Forex, Commodities or Indices.

What are trading signals

Trading signals are an excellent starting point to start trading online on your own, even if you are a beginner, providing you with clear and comprehensive guidance on the shares to buy and sell.

If you like the idea of growing your capital without having to become an expert in Trading and Investing by maximising Profits and reducing Risks then here below is the perfect solution for you.

Traders all over the world use trading signals as a support tool to make their own decisions, especially in the forex sector. Signals are among the most useful tools a trader has at hand Signals must include a stop loss and take profit. Also consider testing yourself with a demo account before trading with real money, so as not to waste money unnecessarily.

The daily routine starts by receiving trading signals directly in your mobile phone via Telegram or WhatsApp message. This system improves your ability to monitor your trades and make sure you don’t miss out on waves of market opportunities

So how do trading signals really work?

Our trading signals are based on the combined use of fundamental and technical analysis, thus combining historical price trends with the latest news and currency market fundamentals. The reference horizon can be intraday as multiday.

There are also signals in the market that are based on automatic models and the great advantage of the models is that they exclude the negative effects of human psychology, which could influence an analyst’s judgement and push him/her into non-rational decisions. On the other hand, the loss of human judgment is detrimental to a more complete assessment of the market moment.

Our signals are based on the evaluations of our analysts, who directly enter their positions into the system and turn them into signals of buying or selling. At Wave-FX we mainly use a number of technical indicators, closely followed by our experts, combined with fundamental market and trend analysis. The technical indicators preferred by our analysts are: price zones where there are support and resistance levels, FIbonacci retracements, Bollinger Bands, moving averages and some oscillators.

How to get started with Wave-FX Signals

Admission to our trading signals group is completely FREE for you.

By joining our community you will have access to all trades made by our traders who live EXCLUSIVELY from Forex trading.

If you decide to join us you jus need to download our free Wave-FX Signals App where 1/3 profitable trading signals per day will be sent.

If you don’t know how to operate on the trading or MT4 platform, don’t worry, at the beginning there will be a dedicated support team that will help you step by step with your first investments but I assure you that the operational procedure is very simple.

Check it out for yourself and get started with Wave-FX Signals by hitting the green button below.