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GameStop Rises

GameStop Prices Rocket Nerds vs. Hedge funds Never before had so many retail investors, “the little fish” in Wall Street parlance, joined forces to create a market wave that in the intentions of the “degenerates” – ‘degenerates’, as the traders on this forum call themselves on social media – against the “big fish” of American

China Rebirth

China: reborn after Covid Highest growth next year since 2012 China is reigniting its growth engines after a 2020 marked by the Covid pandemic. According to a survey of 35 economists from Nikkei and Nikkei Quick News, China’s economy will grow by 8.2% in 2021, the highest growth since 2012. According to the survey, China’s

UK Economy Danger

British Economy Threatened Brexit: economy in danger according to Bank of England Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, has expressed his concerns about the impact of Brexit on the UK economy and the latest developments in the UK pandemic. The Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU has been celebrated as a

Post Brexit Chages

The Effects of UK Out of EU Post Brexit: What Changes? The free trade agreement, without quotas or customs duties, concluded on 24 December with Brussels, avoids an abrupt break in relations between the two sides of the Channel, potentially devastating from an economic point of view. But the free movement of goods and people