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Brexit Agreement

There is the agreement on Brexit, for real The last one before the end-of-year deadline to regulate future trade relations between the UK and the European Union

Brexit Scenarios

Countdown to Brexit – what's next for UK and EU

USD/GBP 2021

USD & GBP 2021 dark forecast Dollar: a weak 2021 Looking ahead to 2021, we at UBP expect the dollar to continue to be affected by the Fed’s policies announced in the final months of 2020. Not only does the Fed intend to leave rates on hold until at least 2023, but it has also...

Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

What is it going to be? Deal or No Deal? EU and UK prepare for the worse case scenario.

2021 Gold Outlook

In 2021 optimism will continue and the geopolitical situation will define the future of the yellow metal.

Bitcoin nears $20K

Bitcoin so close to $20K Will it be the new gold?​ After last week’s collapse, Bitcoin is back in the market spotlight as it tries to beat its new records. Yesterday the cryptocurrency, thanks to a leap of more than 8%, exceeded its all-time high of 2017, just over $19,700. A leap that brought the...

USA vs China

New World Economic Blocks USA and China: a world divided in two blocks Investors need to stay abreast of developments between the US and China and understand their prospects in order to identify vulnerable companies. After four years of escalating trade challenges and almost a year since the first real global pandemic in the last...

Economic Outlook​

what will 2021 look like from an economic prospective.